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Over at Apex, I interviewed matociquala about worldbuilding, teaching, gossip, and new projects - and there's a giveaway going on for the third Eternal Sky book, Steles of the Sky - still time to enter!

Cooking the Books went on a roadtrip this month to, where Michael R. Underwood discussed "Attack the Geek," his favorite pop culture bar fights, and shared a great pizza recipe. He's giving away a copy of his book too! Check out the rules/comments over here.

And I'm part of the Storium - online storytelling game - Kickstarter. The next stretch goals are Chuck Wendig and Kenneth Hite. It's a great project - over here!

As usual, there's more natter on the thinky space.
Recently, on Cooking the Books -
I love doing Cooking the Books. It's a lot of fun, and the conversation addresses much more than food. It does take a long time to pull each post together, and a lot of work goes on in the background to coordinate with guests, do the reading & research, conduct the interview (and transcribe, if we do it via Skype/phone/hangouts), and present the post. I hope you like them as well! Coming up this year, we've got a lot of fantastic new guests, and there's a possibility of a Really Exciting Thing for 2015.

Behind curtain # 3...

I miss livejournal so much you guys.  But I can't keep multiple content plates spinning and I forget to post here sometimes.  All my convos and thoughts have pretty much moved by this point to my blog and the twitter, along with any reminders about new Cooking the Books content.

Please visit me there! I'll do my best to come back here also. 

New Cooking the Books is up!

Joe (joe_haldeman) and Gay Haldeman joined me, armed with recipes, travel memories, a how-to for cooking pizza in a foxhole, with explosives, and an extraordinary list of Joe's work that features wonderful meals.  Come see:

An exciting announcement over on the blog

The wonderful folks from The Journal of Unlikely Entomology will be visiting in June! And bringing recipes...What could possibly go wrong?
Today, author Elizabeth Bear (matociquala) talks about food, worldbuilding, salt caramels, and Range of Ghosts (Tor, 2012) over at Cooking the Books.  

This was such a fun interview to do - Bear is awesome, people.  (I know you're not shocked.)  Come on over and see why!
Over on the think-space, we have frostokovich talking about the research he's doing for his WIP "Dark House" .  The last time I did a 'cooking the books' post, Steven Gould visited. To wit, his views on Elephant Stew.

With that, I'm off to work some more on the middle of the first book in the City series (from "The City Goes Up," a short story I wrote at Viable Paradise) - I'm at 33k, and wrestling with a few structural issues.  They've been slowing me down.  Grumble.  

I also reconfigured the think-space this week, using photos of mine and my husband's for the banners.  I'm pretty happy with it, though the CSS is behind a paywall.  Which is officially not nice.  But still, free.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

(Edited to add an apostrophe.  Husband's.  Not Husbands.)

2 questions - brainfood & enquiries

1. Over on the thinky space - how do you feed your brain?

2. About enquiring to a magazine or journal about a submission. (really, I'm asking for a friend... mhm.)  If subs are going over the stated return time in general  (thx. Duotrope), is it better to enquire when yours does the same, or to remain quiet?  Do journals see an enquiry at that point as a sign you're interested in working with them? Does it depend on the journal? The last thing I'd want in that circumstance is to have the sub come flying back. 


The past 90 days

So, thanks to the folks at Viable Paradise, I achieved a writing goal much sooner than I thought I would.  I ramble about it over on the thinky space.

More to come -
What does Elephant Stew have to do with writing a novel? Author Steven Gould was kind enough to talk with me about how he cooks books recently.  You can read more here.

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